Travel Canada

Virtually known throughout the world as a vibrant multicultural exciting place to visit and live. It is the capital city of the Province Of Ontario. It is within driving distance of several other major cities such as Ottawa and Montreal. There is much to see and do in this bustling city. It boasts of 11 Historical Museums, is well known to have the worlds longest street, but is most famous for it CN Tower. When here, be sure not to miss a visit to the family orientated Ontario Place. Yearly events such as the Canadian National Exhibition. A unique upcoming event running from July to October is the Toronto Chinese Lantern Festival, second in size to Asia itself. Toronto is a place you surely will want to visit.

A the junction of three exquisite rivers you can find the capital city of Canada known as Ottawa. This beautiful city is only 4 hours from Toronto, and even closer to Montreal. There is much to see here but some of the most significant features found here are within the landscaping itself. Places such as Rideau Falls and the world renowned Niagara Falls. Don’t miss out on a visit to the Royal Canadian Mint. You will find it highly interesting and informative. There is always something going on in Ottawa such as the upcoming August Music Festivals, or the Changing Of The Guard, also in August. If planning ahead for a trip to this city then consider visiting during the Canadian Christmas Lights in December.

Locate the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers and you will discover the city of Montreal actually located on an island. This beautiful place belongs to the Province Of Quebec. A short car ride along the city routes will take you to Ottawa or Laval in no time.. This quaint city is renowned for its annual exhibitions of “Who Is the Real Santa Claus” and its unique collection of nativity scenes from around the world. When then, be sure not to miss seeing the Damoiselle, a ongoing event until December 16th,2008. This is an exhibit surrounding the history of Montreal’s co-foundress. A annual upcoming event that can be counted on is the Montreal Highlights Festival.

Travel to Western Quebec and you will discover the vibrant city of Laval. Located on the South bank of the St.Lawrence River. Easily reached from Montreal or Quebec city. One of the major highlights of this city is Symposium de peinture et de sculpture de sainte-rose. A celebration of the arts. If planning a trip to this beautiful Canadian city be sure to plan it around the Journees de la culture hosted in September. This is a spectacular art and cultural festival. Don’t disappoint yourself by not visiting the thousand islands river park. Laval is truly a city to visit to relax or choose to participate is some of the exciting events they have to offer

For a intriguing place to visit, consider Quebec city in the province of Quebec. Located within the capital national region it is known to be one of the oldest cities in North America. It is only a 145 mile trip from Montreal and is in proximity to Ottawa. Its is quickly becoming famous for its annual summer festival, and exciting winter carnival. It is the host of exquisite museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Civilization. While there be sure to include a visit to Montmorency Falls. A truly breath taking site. If time permits then pay visit to the Historical Chateau Frontenac.

If we head East towards the eastern prairie region of Canada we will Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba. Often referred to as the “Gateway To the West”. For sight seeing itineraries ,you can easily find Saskatchewan only 330 miles from here. One of the have to see adventures when in Winnipeg is “The Forks”. This is at the points of the historic Red and Assinboine rivers. An annual event that everybody should attend at least once is the Festival du Voyageur. This is Canada’s largest winter festival. Winnipeg also boasts of having the worlds longest skating rink. A sure crowd pleaser is the upcoming Ukrainian Festival 3 day celebration.

When one thinks of Canada one of the first cities to come to mind is Calgary. The home of the famous Calgary Stampede. This city is located in the south end of the Province of Alberta. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to plan on visiting neighboring cities such as Edmonton or Banff. Aside from the Calgary Stampede this city also host their annual Folk Music Festival, a major event to Calgarians and visitors alike. Don’t miss out on seeing the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is also pleased to boast that they have one of the fastest long track speed skating ice rinks in the world. This is really a sight to see.

For a exciting and perhaps different excursion consider Edmonton. This is the capital of Alberta and is located on the North Saskatchewan River. The fact that there are no major cities in real close proximity is not a real concern as Edmonton has everything to offer. Annually this city hosts the Edmonton Klondike Days Festival and Jazz city. Events for the whole family to enjoy. For those interested in sight seeing don’t miss out on visiting the largest mall in North America, The Edmonton Mall. Then there’s also the Historic Fort Edmonton Park. If you are planning a visit to Edmonton in the near future they plan on attending the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.

If you are looking to visit a place of beauty then consider the largest city in Saskatchewan, namely Saskatoon. Being within the traveling distances of Moose Jaw and Regina makes this an ideal spot to include in your holiday plans. They are fast becoming known for their annual Karting event, the Western Canadian Championship Series. Keep in mind also, the upcoming events of the Re-Inventors Exhibit and the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival. If you are interested in doing some sight seeing then plan a visit to the Western Development Museum. For a change of pace stop by “Berry Barn”. An ideal family outing would be a trip to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo.

Victoria BC is known to be a hub of activity. This city is the capital of British Columbia and is situated on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island. Vancouver being the closest major city. There are numerous annual events running throughout the entire year. For example there is the popular Pacific Rim Whale Festival or the Dragon Boat races. An event well worth seeing is the upcoming Adventure Games, ideal for the sports minded. Make sure you plan a visit to Butchart gardens and include whale watching if time permits. A must see in Victoria is the Galloping Goose Trail.

If it’s the life by the sea that you find intriguing then you won’t want to miss a visit to Halifax. The capital of Nova Scotia and the largest city in the Atlantic provinces. There is a never ending array of activities taking place in this city. It has become world wide known for the Halifax Citadel, a historic site. Close behind this in popularity is the Maritime Museum on the Atlantic. A ongoing event that’s adds to the ambiance of this city is Murphy’s on the Water, a combination of boat tours and cuisine. In the near future Halifax will be presenting the Halifax Highland Games, Scottish Festival and International Tattoo.

If you travel to the southeastern part of New Brunswick you will arrive at the exciting city of Moncton. Although this city is an endless hub of activity you could visits its neighboring city of Dieppe. Amongst all of the tourist areas and things to do make sure to visit the Bay of Fundy. You will witness the massive tidal surges. Then make a point of seeing Rocks Park. If you want something to talk about when you get back home, be sure to include a visit to the world famous Magnetic Hill. Annually Moncton enjoys holding its Atlantic Seafood Festival. In the near future they will be having their World wine and food expo.

Canadian Destinations For Those Who Love Beaches And Sun

So, you love the beach and you love the sun, and you are going to Canada. Maybe you might like to go to a Canadian beach. Seriously, you could even go in the summer. This may have already occurred to you. You may have even begun researching the best beaches that are to be found in Canada. That may even be what brought you to this article. If so, here is a quick list of prime locations for your next vacations beach cottages.

In Grand Bend, Ontario check out the The Pinery. It offers a unique ecosystem that makes nature watching attractive. There are one-hundred foot sand dunes and massive oak trees alongside this lake. If you like nature more than surfing this may be a great place. There are other vacation properties available in the area.

In British Columbia you can find Wreck Beach in Vancouver. This beach is interesting for those that appreciate nature as well. This nudist beach draws thousands each summer. It is located at the Western tip of Vancouver. The water is surrounded by Vancouver’s largest heron reserve and this yet another interesting aspect to this more unique destination.

Nova Scotia is home to Cape Breton Island which is home to Ingonish Beach. There is a National Park located in the area. On one side of the beach you have a lake and on the other side you have the Atlantic Ocean.

These beaches are a good start for the typical and obscure experiences that you may find on the beaches of Canada. That does not mean that there is not something more suitable to your wants though. There is more complete information about these and other beaches online. You can even find ratings and comments of many beaches by people that have been to the beach. First hand knowledge is a good way to get an idea of what to expect. Here are a few brief descriptions of some more of Canada’s beaches that may appeal to you and your vacation group.

Sauble Beach is considered one of Canada’s friendliest beaches. It has soft sand and sunshine (and sunsets). There is a sand castle competition hosted on the beach as well. There are even golfing, hiking and a number of other activities in the area.

One of the more popular tourist beaches are the Sandbanks beaches. This is a beach where swimming is common and the sand and the waves are admired. There are three beaches in the area.

Wasaga Beach is located in the Southern part of Georgia Bay. The view from here includes the Canadian Blue Mountain. It is considered a prime destination for families.

Be certain to check the weather before you plan your vacation as well. All the beach in Canada may not supply a satisfactory vacation if the weather is not right for what you want. You can often find average weather conditions based on the previous years online. In addition there are a number of extended forecasts that can be found online. Selecting a location with nearby attractions can be a good way to ensure alternate activities in the event that the weather turns bad as well.

Great Canadian Antique Furniture Is Worth the Look

Collecting antique furniture is really a very rewarding endeavor. However, it is very important that before you start buying pieces you do your homework. One of the things that makes a big difference is being able to recognize the different styles of antique furniture. Being able to recognize the different style will help you date them and evaluate them.

Though Canadian antique furniture is not a style of its own but is based on many of the major style of history it none the less is unique in its character. So what is unique about Canadian antique furniture? Well depending on where in Canada the furniture was made it certainly will have a different look and feel to it.

In Quebec and eastern Canada the French influence is certainly evident. Those who created these pieces of furniture just loved to paint. Not only that but as they have been passed down from one generation to the next, they were painted and repainted time and again. This means that there are quite a few layers of paints on them. They were usually painted in colors of red, blue and yellow. Some enthusiasts like to try and strip away all the extra layers in order to reveal the original way it was painted in.

If you check around I’m sure you could find an Empire chest from the 1800s. A chest like this usually has two drawers over three and is often built by master craftsmen out of Cherry wood, bird’s eye Maple, or Tiger maple. It is not easy to find an example like this that is well-preserved and in marvelous condition but they can be found.

With some persistence you could also find a fabulous Queen Victoria pressback rocker, from around 1900. It truly would be a fabulous find if it was in unrefinished condition with its darken patina blackened through time. This is how you wish you could find all the antique furniture you are looking for.

It is always wise to do some research before traveling across the border or to a new area of Canada to try and locate places to check out. The internet is a very useful tool for doing this. Though not all the place in small communities have a presence on the web certainly the large shops will. These shops may not be where you want to buy because their prices can be a bit higher than the small shops but you don’t want to travel for nothing. And while you’re at the larger shops you can see some great examples and maybe a larger variety of Canadian antique furniture.

While you’re in the area you should also check out some of the flea markets or thrift stores you’d be surprised by what you might find.

You can also shop for Canadian antique furniture without leaving your home by shopping online. This could be done by finding a dealer or dealers online that might have what you’re looking for. One big problem buying this way is you aren’t able to inspect the furniture yourself before purchasing it. You also could look at any one of a number of online auctions like eBay. But dealing online always has the same problems. That all means you need to only shop where the dealer has a very good and reputable business.

Do your research well when it comes to buying Canadian antique furniture so you have a good amount of knowledge before you start shopping. This knowledge you help keep you from making mistakes and help you negotiate the best deals.

Canadian antique furniture has an ambiance of its own and brings that into your home. It gives you a relaxed country feel. So if you are anxious to relax when you come home by having a country feel to your home then this furniture just what you are looking for.

Experimenting with New Couples Toys

When I started dating my wife, she admitted to me that she liked to use sex toys. It was interesting to see her so open about the topic. When we got married, we started thinking about the idea of toys that the both of us could use. Introducing couples toys into our bedroom rituals would spice things up and allow us to explore our bodies more to reach higher levels of pleasure. Since I had never tried toys before, I wasn’t quite sure which ones would be suitable for me. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of using anything that would place a foreign object inside my body, and I didn’t want anything that would cause me pain.

My wife and I looked online for recommendations from other married couples who experimented with toys. The other couples suggested that I start with something light, like a vibrating toy. I always thought vibrating toys were for women only, but apparently they can stimulate males in a similar manner as with females. I ordered a toy from an online shop and tried it out with my wife one night. The vibrating toy gave us quite a pleasant experience.

Since I enjoyed the toy, I decided that it would be nice to try something with a little more intensity. I still hadn’t warmed up to the idea of foreign objects being inserted, but I was ready to try a ring, which other couples mentioned. The night my wife and I tried the ring was one of the best nights of our lives. It was like my wife and I had so much energy and we were in a high state of arousal. It was as if we had been taking supplements to improve our bodies. There’s a lot more toys that my wife and I will explore.

Getting My Favorite Supplement Back Home

Last year I was staying with a relative in America for a few months. While there, my relative gave me a dietary supplement called Vimax. The supplement really helped me lose weight. When it was time for me to go back home to Australia, I didn’t take any Vimax with me. I had to find somewhere to buy Vimax in Australia, which wasn’t an easy task, because I hadn’t even heard of the supplement before leaving for America. I checked most of the well known stores that sell supplements, but I couldn’t find Vimax anywhere.

I did some searching and found an online store that supplies the supplement, among many others. I ordered the supplement and it came to my house in only a few days. The package I received actually had more pills in it than the one that my relative in America had. I take the supplement every day as part of my attempt to lose weight. I’ve been exercising and eating a healthy, balanced diet and my weight has gone down dramatically since I started.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Manaslu_trek_in_NepalManaslu Circuit Trek is quickly becoming one of the most popular treks of Nepal. It is being called the new Annapurna Circuit Trek. This trail, wrapped around the eighth highest mountain, has some of the best picturesque scenes. The ways of the people here, their religion and cultural heritages are all very fascinating and still very similar to that of their ancestors.

Because of this, more and more people are showing interest in Manaslu Circuit Trek. And, they have questions. Following are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Is Manaslu Circuit Trek for me?

Yes. If you love picturesque scenes. If you want to trek to someplace remote and non-touristy. If you want to explore the age old culture of different indigenous groups, untouched by modernity. If you want to explore the diverse and rich nature of the Himalayas and if, for this, you are ready to adjust to basic accommodation.

How difficult is Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Manaslu_Trek_SunriseManaslu Circuit trek is quite difficult. You need to walk around 5-7hrs daily and the trail goes up and down. Crossing Larkya La Pass (5,100m) is another challenge. Towards winter, you might need crampons to cross this pass.

However, difficulty is a matter of strength, stamina and will. No technical skills are required. But you should keep in mind that trekking at higher altitude

is more difficult than trekking at lower altitude.

What permits do I need to do Manaslu Circuit Trek?

You require 3 permits.

One is Restricted Area Permit. It costs $70 for one week and $10 per added day. It is cheaper during off season.

Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) permit. It costs Nrs.2000.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit. It too costs Nrs.2000.

NOTICE: TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System) card is NOT required.

When is Manaslu Circuit Trek possible?

The best time to do Manaslu Circuit Trek is Spring and Autumn. In Nepal, spring lasts from Mach to May and autumn from September to November.

Spring and autumn season offers clear sky and moderate temperature. In spring, a range of colorful flowers bloom.

Both are peak seasons but spring sees lesser trekkers in comparison to autumn.

Trekking to Manaslu during Monsoon or Winter is not suggested.

What should I bring/ pack?

Because you will be travelling from lower, warmer place to chilly environment at higher altitude, you need to pack accordingly. Bring a down jacket, a light sleeping bag and socks and gloves for both warm and cold weather.Bringing sunscreen, moisturizer, water purifiers and trekking pole are important too, for you own comfort. A torch light will also prove very helpful.

Is Teahouse trekking Manaslu Circuit possible all the way?

Yes, during peak seasons of spring and autumn, teahouse trekking Manaslu Circuit is possible. It became possible only recently in 2010. So the accommodations are quite basic.

Tea house trekking is not impossible in monsoon. Most of the lodges would be closed though.

In winter, habitants of higher altitude migrate. Therefore camping becomes necessary, partially.

Would I need a guide?

Yes. It is required by the law to hire a licensed guided. There is no other way. Along with the guide, you must also have at least one other trekker with you. This is because Manaslu is a restricted area. Travelling solo is not allowed.

Can I do Manaslu Circuit Trek alone?


Probably. But it is not allowed. The rule states that you must be at least a two person group, a guideexcluded. Guide is also compulsory. Therefore, you will have to travel in a group of minimum 3 people. This is because Manaslu region is a restricted area. Hope this answers your questions. If there is something else you would like to inquire, please feel free to ask us. – The #1 Cannabis Travel Network

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Who does collaborate with?

CannabisCouchSurfers whilst also connecting medical travellers, also collaborates with many different causes and products.

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Why We Rented a Bus for Our Parents

When my folks decided to go to Hawaii for their anniversary, my brothers and I decided to send them to the airport in style. We had planned on just renting a small limo for the two of them, but everyone wanted to see them off. There were so many family members and a few friends who wanted to go to the airport too, so we decided to look into a platinum party bus rental for Toronto residents. I know that a lot of people might think this is excessive, but our family has never liked taking the normal route for most things.

We knew that all 24 of us would fit comfortably in the party bus, and it also meant that we could take them out for a nice meal before their flight. They are both seasoned travelers, so they would not have a problem with eating such a heavy meal before their flight. Neither of them drink anything stronger than wine, and we wanted to toast them before they flew away for nearly two weeks. The nice thing about the party bus is that we were able to do this toast before we even got to the restaurant.

It just made it more special this way because all of us were able to take our time and tell our folks what they mean to all of us. It took several glasses of wine to get through all the toasts, so it was definitely good that we started early thanks to the party bus bar. Add to that the music options as well as the lights, and we were able to have our own family celebration while being driven to the Italian restaurant that we all enjoy so much. It did not cost very much to do this either, which was just the icing on the cake.

How to Create a Perfect Zanzibar Holiday

Are you interested in having a holiday in Zanzibar? Among the many popular tourist destinations in the world, Zanzibar, the spice island of the Indian Ocean, can always become a perfect destination. Beautiful beaches, historical buildings and unique custom and traditions are some of local attractions that have successfully attracted many people to visit the island. Whether you want to have a family holiday or a honeymoon getaway, you will find this destination as one of the best destinations to consider. Thankfully, there are many travel agencies offering holiday packages to Zanzibar. The existence of these online travel agencies is advantageous for vacationers, especially first time vacationers. They can sit back and relax while the agency takes care of their holiday needs.

However, if you want to have a perfect holiday in Zanzibar, you need to be selective when choosing a travel agency. It is true that those travel agencies offer Zanzibar Holidays but since each agency has different quality, each agency gives different satisfaction. Basically, if you must choose an agency, you must pick the one that has an extensive experience. In this case, an agency that has been in business for years is worth to choose because such agency surely has dealt with various kinds of clients. This agency has known the ins and outs of the business. It also has known how to meet client expectation. Even though a client has a specific need, it will be able to meet the expectation easily. As an example, while you might want to have a luxury honeymoon getaway, other couples might want a backpacker trip. This different need simply implies different holiday plan and cost. Hiring an experienced agency enables you to get the best value of your money as you can get what you really expect.

Further, it is a much for you to have a holiday with a highly reputable agency. A reputation is a measurement of quality. The better the reputation, the better the quality of an agency is. Then, you must choose an agency that provides full time support. Even though you never expect to experience a problem during your holiday, it is better for you to anticipate everything well. In this case, you had better hire an agency that provides customer support for seven days a week like Pure Zanzibar. If the support department is always available, they will be able to give the much needed support easily. As a result, you will be able to solve any problem fast.

Why Planning is a key before Travelling to Canada

When it comes to travelling, there are few places that offer the diversity of culture and the dramatic landscape of Canada. Canada has been a favored travel destination for tourist from around the world for many reasons, but one of the most important is that the government of Canada makes the process of entering the country relatively easy for tourists who want to see breathtaking scenery and experience the unique mixture of English and French culture.

With 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada is the second largest country in the world next to Russia. However, the population of Canada is only about 35 million people who are mostly near the US border, although there are communities that do exist in the far north, particularly along the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Obtaining the Travel Permits

Naturally, you will need the proper travel permits to visit Canada depending on where you live. If you live in the United States, then travel to Canada is relatively easy as you can simply cross the border with the appropriate identification. However, if you are travelling from outside of Canada, then you’ll need to get your passport and have the appropriate documents delivered through

Once you have your documents all in order, the next step is planning on when and where to go in the beautiful country of Canada.

Summer & Early Fall

If you are interested in seeing what the great outdoors of Canada has to offer, then the best time to visit would be in the late Spring, Summer and early months of Fall. This is because much of Canada is subject to fierce winter weather that makes travel difficult across most of the country. The exception is on the west coast in British Columbia which is spared from the severest winter conditions.

Still, it is generally best to travel in the warm months so that you can see much of Canadian countryside, particularly the Rocky Mountains which some of the most dramatic and beautiful in the world.

English or French

It is fair to say that Canada is divided into English and French speaking sections that may strike some a little confusing. Toronto is the second largest French-speaking city in the world, but it is also fair to say that most Canadians speak English and there are plenty of English signs and markings around the entire country which makes travelling more understandable for those who speak the language. It does make parcel delivery to Canada a bit of a challenge depending on where it is sent.

Canadian Dollar

Canada uses a dollar system that is similar to the US dollar, but there are differences which mean that you will need to familiarize yourself with the system. You will want to exchange your currency for the Canadian dollar and learn the basics on purchases, tips and sales taxes so that you can be the best prepared when visiting the country.

Overall, Canada offers plenty for visitors to see and enjoy. With a little planning, you can be prepared to visit Canada and all the wonders that this remarkable country has to offer.

Exploring the Wild and Beautiful Beaches in Tanzania

Do you want to have an unforgettable holiday? If you are, then you must plan Tanzania Safari Holidays. Tanzania offers you with something different from other holiday destinations. One of the things that makes this country unique is that the number of national safari parks. It has more safari parks than other countries in the world. Tanzania vacation is not only perfect for a family holiday but it is also great or couples holiday. In this country, safari park is not the only attraction. You can also enjoy gorgeous beaches and quiet small islands.

National parks in Tanzania

There are more than ten national parks and game reserves that you can visit while you are in this country. Some of them are very famous and full with holiday makers. Some others are not very popular so that they have fewer visitors and are more natural.

One of the most popular national parks in Tanzania is Serengeti National park. This park is the largest in Tanzania. In this savannah, you can observe giraffes, elephants, and buffalos all year round. You can also watch predators such as lions and cheetahs while you having a safari in this park. Meanwhile, in the migration season, you can observe countless of zebras and wildebeests in this park.

Ngororo crater is another national park you can visit. This park has slightly different environment than Serengeti park. Saline lake, forest, bushes, and plains are home for lion, rhino, elephant, leopard, and buffalo. Around the lake, you can observe flamingo’s life.

Tanzania beach holiday

Your Tanzania Safari Holidays will not be perfect if you do not visit one of the stunning beaches in Tanzania. Some of the beach resorts that you can find in this country is Zanzibar, Nungwi, Dar Es Salaam, Mafia Island, and Bongoyo island. In these beach resorts, you can go snorkeling, diving, and surfing. And if you want to interact with animals, you can try to swim with dolphins at Zanzibar Island.  If you want something more challenging, you can go to Mafia Island and swim with whale sharks.

While you are in this country, you must remember to stay safe because there are touts and thefts. You must only drink bottled water. Tap water in this country is contaminated. Before you step into this country, don’t forget to get Yellow Fever vaccine. You must also wear decent clothes while you are in Zanzibar since this island is mainly habituated by the Muslims.

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