Algorand Foundation Driving Web3 Adoption in India – Get 150% Welcome Bonus!

Algorand Foundation Partnerships in India

• Algorand is an open-source layer-1 blockchain firm that is partnering with schools in India to drive web3 adoption.
• The firm is also providing grants and funding programs for developers and entrepreneurs building on its blockchain.
• In addition, Algorand has partnered with T-Hub, a Hyderabad-based innovation center, to grant local startups access to capital from global sources.

Educational Development Programs

The Algorand Foundation has announced multiple partnerships with educational institutions in India as part of its efforts to drive web3 adoption in the country. This includes programs to train student developers and develop faculties, as well as a master class for businesses interested in venturing into the Web3 ecosystem. Anil Kakani, the recently appointed country head in India for Algorand, stated that the firm aims to create a sustainable impact by facilitating improved access to financial services, education, healthcare and other solutions across India and around the world.

Partnership with T-Hub

Algorand has also announced a partnership with T-Hub, an innovation centre based out of Hyderabad. Through this collaboration, T-Hub will be able to provide local startups access to capital from sources all over the globe. Srinivas Rao Mahankali, CEO of T-Hub, said that this partnership would expand their projects globally.

Global Climate Resilience Fund Partnership

The Algorand Foundation has become a technical partner for the Clinton Foundation’s Global Climate Resilience Fund which seeks to help local businesses reach carbon markets and monetise their efforts towards climate change mitigation or adaptation projects. The fund also provides support on capacity building initiatives related to climate resilience planning at regional or national levels.


In summary, Algorand Foundation is actively trying to promote its technology across India through various partnerships such as educational development programs with schools and collaborations with T-Hub among others. Additionally they have joined forces with the Clinton Foundation’s Global Climate Resilience Fund in order bring greater economic inclusion through blockchain technology while helping businesses monetize their efforts towards climate change initiatives.