BitIQ in massive correction – get in now before the price explodes again?

What is Verasity Crypto?

Crypto project Verasity is developing a “next generation” video streaming platform. The goal: to create a fair and equitable system where both content creators and advertisers get their full money’s worth.

To achieve this, Verasity (VRA) relies not only on a proof-of-value (PoV) protocol developed in-house, but also on the portal. This is a pro-gaming streaming platform that shows esports tournaments such as PUBG Mobile.


According to the white paper, is “the most important use case of Verasity”. This is because: the portal combines all products in one Esports platform, which Verasity owns and controls. According to its own figures, the Esports platform has already reached 8.6 million viewers for its tournaments.

Forecasts were confident that Verasity (VRA) could return to its all-time high of $0.086, reached on 1 November, in the medium term. However, after the recent correction, this could take longer than suspected.

Severe correction for Verasity in the daily chart. Picture:
From yesterday’s price of $0.041, Verasity (VRA) crashed to $0.036 in the last 24 hours. A drop of more than 12%. In the meantime, a minimal recovery to 0.038 dollars was achieved. However, the cryptocurrency looks weak. Are further losses looming?

Crypto analyst Marta (@futrii) expresses optimism, commenting: she will not sell despite the Verasity decline, but still increase her position.

“I’m still a big follower and supporter of @verasitytech. Nothing has changed for me since day one. If you think giants grow overnight, you’re wrong. And I don’t intend to miss out on that. I’m still [accumulating] and still cheering for the team!”

Will Verasity Coin rise again?

Crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) has been positive about Verasity (VRA) for quite some time. After the recent jump in the coin’s price, he also explained in a new analysis which area Verasity needs to break through to spark a fresh run.

The Dutchman expected the current correction – after which Verasity could rise again under the following conditions:

“The key resistance is at [0.00000095 BTC]. If this is broken, we are in for a new impulse run.”

0.00000095 bitcoin is equivalent to $0.046. Based on the current price at $0.03834, Verasity would therefore have to gain almost 20% to trigger the impulse run mentioned by Poppe.

A current forecast by, for example, predicts that this will succeed. It expects Verasity to rise up to 0.055 dollars within the next three weeks.