BTC & Crypto Primed for Reversal: Investor Calls Bottom of Market

• Investor Chris Burniske believes Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto are primed for a reversal
• Burniske points to multiple factors in favor of the digital asset market
• Burniske is especially excited about the transition to the “Internet Financial System” (IFS)

Investor Calls Market Bottom for BTC and Crypto

Venture capitalist Chris Burniske, who correctly called the 2022 crypto bottom, has suggested that it’s “prime time” for the digital asset market to reverse. He cites multiple factors in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto’s favor such as BTC being at its 200-week simple moving average, Fed action being behind us, credit crunch not being a crisis, and equities rallying while crypto lags.

New Product Cycle Kicking Off

Burniske also noted that a new product cycle appears to be in the early stages of kicking off due to mature infrastructure becoming available for products to use. Specifically, he mentioned decentralized finance’s upcoming transition to an Internet Financial System (IFS), which will combine DeFi elements with compliant systems that invite global capital pools onto open networks. Additionally, he pointed out tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs) will also likely play an important role in IFS.

Opportunity For Adoption Growth

Burniske believes this new product cycle presents an opportunity for adoption growth due to more mature infrastructure providing better access than before. He wrote on Twitter that if people aren’t getting excited about it they’re not paying close enough attention. With all these developments lining up in BTC and crypto’s favor, investors should keep an eye on the market over the coming months as we may see a big reversal soon.

Burniske’s Background

Chris Burniske is a venture capitalist who has been involved with cryptocurrency since its early days. He was one of the first analysts to realize bitcoin’s potential value as an investment vehicle and his predictions have been spot on many times since then – including correctly calling the 2022 crypto bottom. His Twitter following consists of 260k people interested in his insights into BTC and other cryptocurrencies.


With multiple factors lining up in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto’s favor according to investor Chris Burniske – who has accurately predicted previous market bottoms – we could be seeing a big reversal soon. The availability of mature infrastructure for products to use is leaps and bounds beyond what was available during DeFi Summer 2020 which brings exciting opportunities for adoption growth going forward. Investors should keep their eyes peeled on BTC and other cryptos over the coming months as things seem primed for a major turnaround!