Cointraffic Unveils Innovative Marketplace for Crypto Ad Placements

• Cointraffic has just unveiled its innovative Cointraffic Marketplace offering exclusive and impactful ad placements for Web 3.0 teams.
• This platform ensures a smooth and speedy campaign set-up with comprehensive support to guarantee optimal reach and impact.
• Advertisers can now easily compare the market, acquire ready-to-launch campaigns and access exclusive new placements from a user-friendly hub.

Cointraffic Launches New Advertising Marketplace

Cointraffic, the industry leader in crypto advertising, has just announced its innovative Cointraffic Marketplace. This new platform provides Web 3.0 teams with a one-stop solution for all their marketing needs, presenting exclusive ad placements aimed at a clearly defined target audience on top crypto outlets such as Etherscan, Blockchair, BeInCrypto, TheDefiant, Cryptocompare, Coin360 and Crypto-Insiders.

Smooth and Speedy Campaign Set Up

Understanding the value of its clients’ time, Cointraffic ensures that the campaign set up process is smooth and speedy with comprehensive support that catapults your campaign swiftly to its optimal reach and impact. This marketplace is made to cater to novices in the marketing field as well as teams lacking dedicated marketing departments who will be taken care of by the Cointraffic team.

Unmatched Reach & Visibility

Advertisers can now easily compare the market, acquire ready-to-launch campaigns and access exclusive new placements from this user-friendly hub which eliminates long waits for quotes or missed deals. Through this marketplace advertisers are granted unmatched reach & visibility which enables them to deploy captivating ads on their preferred platforms while fostering lasting synergies with their target audience ensuring prime visibility precisely when & where it’s required.

High Convertibility Rate

The introduction of this marketplace enhances Cointraffics power of distinct ad placements further allowing advertisers to seamlessly manage consolidated marketing initiatives across multiple channels while uncovering new opportunities & potential audiences in the Web 3.0 ecosystem giving them access to an industry leading traffic conversion rate .


Cointraffic’s marketplace provides advertisers with unmatched ad placements along with extensive audience reach & high convertibility rates simplifying their efforts & eliminating long waits for quotes or missed deals enabling them to foster powerful synergies between themselves & target audiences guaranteeing prime visibility when needed most .